Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Try it Tuesday

Baked Won Ton Tacos

So my sister pinned this recipe and I thought it would be good to try since I always have won ton wrappers in my fridge, not sure why, but I do.  I was reading through the recipe and I was confused as to why they were called tacos when there was BBQ sauce and Asian ginger salad dressing used for the sauce. I didn't see anything that would make it tacos in the recipe, maybe because of the shape?  So I thought I would still try it, but modify it to make it more like tacos.  Here is the link to the original recipe, http://heartmindandseoul.com/baked-wonton-tacos/
We like a little spice in our house, or rather Tim loves spice, so I put some spicy things into my recipe.  I also like to grill my chicken rather then boil it.  I just like grilled chicken better.  I will also let you know that most of the time I don't measure things out unless I am baking.  I don't think I want to mess with why my cake didn't rise and such.  With cooking I go by what I really want to taste when I am eating something.  

I started off with 2 breasts seasoned with Kick'n Chicken.  Not to much here since it is a little spicy on it's own and I knew Willow would be eating this. I then grilled them.

I chopped up the chicken very finely and added cilantro, green onions and salsa to taste.  I didn't want too much salsa to make it soupy.  

I then added shredded cheese to taste.  I think I could have added more cheese, you can't go wrong with cheese.

I then placed some of the chicken mixture in the won ton wrapper and tried to get the corners to stick some so it looked like a taco shell.   I was not so successful at this.  I lined them up against each other to support one another here.  I would not recommend this, for the part that was touching the other did not cook as well.  I was suppose to spray them with cooking spray before I put them in the oven but I forgot that part, they were just as good.

I then topped each one with a slice of avocado, since we are avocado freaks and they are always a good price here in the desert.

 Here is the finished product.  I just topped mine off with sour cream.  Tim used some jalapenos on his for more spice. Willow some black olives and tomatoes.  I am sure you could come up with your own toppings. 

I had some left over chicken mixture.  I didn't not want to assemble and cook all of it at once in case there was left overs.  I don't think reheating the won ton wrapper would be as crisp and tasty reheated.  Maybe I will add it to some nachos for dinner.

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