Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Try It Tuesday

Okay, so I missed my recipe post last week but I was out of town.  We were all suppose to go to Colorado, but it ended up just being us girls.  Tim had a conference for work there and thought we could all go so I could hang with the sudo parents while he was doing that.  Well there was a change of plans and they needed Tim at work more so.  I was really bummed because I was so ready to go and just get away.  I thought hard about it and decided I was going to brave the 12 hour drive myself with the 2 little ones.  Wow,  that was an experience.  Willow's car sickness reared it's ugly head 3 times in the first hour of the second day drive.  Not really fun at all.  I do have to say I am really thankful for my van though.  I see it in a whole new light. I also found that Dramamine makes stuff for little kids.  YES!!!!  They didn't knock her out but they worked.  I wasn't really on top of it for the ride back and should have given her more because she about got sick 20 minutes from home.  Thankfully it did not happen.

The recipe I tried this time was three envelope Pot Roast Sliders.  It was really tender and had good flavor.  I had made this before with a different cut and it was way more tender.  It was still good though.  There is always plenty for left overs and they are still just as good. 

3 Envelope Pot Roast
1 beef roast
1 cup water
1 cup salsa
packet of aujus
packet of Italian seasoning mix
packet of onion soup mix


Mix all the ingredients above and pour over the roast.  

 Cook on high for 8-10 or low for 4-5 hours.

 I made sliders out of this so I used a bakery hamburger bun and melted Swiss cheese on it and served it up. A good roll to use is the King's Hawaiian rolls.

This recipe is really worth a try if you have problems with always getting a dry roast. 

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