Sunday, September 2, 2012

Here For Good

Ahh there is so much to say.  I have not blogged for awhile and a lot has transpired since I got here last Friday.  I spent 2 weeks in Colorado with the sudo parents.  That was nice and relaxing.  I didn't have to really do much and nothing to stress out about.
Tim came to Nebraska to drive me to Colorado. The packing and moving of the stuff in the house went great.  I didn't know what to expect but the movers were GREAT!  I was kind of bored doing nothing while they did everything.  It was a guy with his oldest son and daughter.  They looked rough around the edges but worked their butts off and were really nice.  I would not want to mess with the girl.  She packed and moved around all the stuff in the basement by herself.  There was some heavy stuff down there.  The dad saw how much stuff we were not putting in storage and suggested he could make an extra stop and drop it off at the rental house. He said that way Tim wouldn't have to drive the trailer over the mountains.  That was super nice of him!  The extra stop did cost us extra that the relo company would not pay for but it was cheaper then the U Haul trailer and Tim wouldn't be spending more on gas.  It was perfect. 
We got to Colorado late Friday night and all hung out for a couple days. Saturday we wanted to go to the Denver Flea Market which an excellent place to people watch!  Chris and Carol bought Willow a bunch of stuff she didn't need.  Some of which was jewelry.  She is a girly girly for sure because she is constantly wearing the bracelets.  She loves them. 
Willow was playing with Chris and Carol's dogs which are little West Highland Terriers.  They are not used to being around little kids and really not sure of Willow pulling on their hair.  Well one of them didn't like her pulling to much and bit her in the nose.  Holy hell broke loose for awhile but after a piece of licorice all was better and thankfully she still likes all the dogs!  Whew. 
Her bite marks on her nose and the licorice on her face.
Tim left us on the following Monday morning to drive back to Arizona with my wieners. (man i miss those little things)  He got up early and wanted to wake Willow to say goodbye.  Oh my, I have never seen her get upset when one of us leaves.  She was crying and I knew it was killing Tim since he had not really seen her that much. 
Willow and I just hung out for 2 weeks and enjoyed the mountain air.  The weather was nice and warm but not scorching like I knew Arizona was.  I read 2 books in one week which has not happened in a long time.  Willow got spoiled even more and I even got a massage.  I wasn't as great as I wanted it to be.  When I was pregnant with Willow I got several massages and it was on a table that had the cut outs for my belly and boobs.  It was nice to lay on my stomach and fully enjoy the massage.  At the place I just went to it did not have the special table.  I laid on my side while she massaged one side and then I turned over and she did the other.  Oh well.
Notice her new pretties on her arm.

I flew to my new home on Friday and left Willow with Chris and Carol for 2 more weeks.  It will be nice to get some things done with her not around and get acclimated to the place so I can get her ready for the change.  I also have my appointment with my new OB on the 4th and I don't have anyone to watch her while I would be there.
I stepped out of the airport, which was a mad house, and instantly thought what am I doing here?  It is fricking HOT!  Oh well, I agreed to it, right?  We got "home" and I was in awe of how much stuff was needing change around here.  Tim's bachelor life was ending that moment.  Things that I had trained him not to do he reverted back to.  Like not putting the seat to the toilet down (huge peeve of mine) and putting a whole pan of food in the fridge instead of putting it in an appropriate container.  There was all the moving boxes of things that needed to be put away in the living room waiting for my arrival. The funniest thing that I saw was the cat and his haircut.  Tim said Simon had been throwing up hairballs a lot and decided he needed a lion cut to maybe help with the puking.  He tried to give him some pills to sedate him like 3 times and he wouldn't take the pills, finally on the last try he took it and Tim waited a while for pill to set in.  Well when Tim turned on the clippers it must have been a buzz kill because he didn't like it one bit.  Tim tried his best but it looks horrible.  I compare it to someone on chemo and they are losing their hair in chunks.  It has grown out some now.  Tim said the tail he got a little close and it looked like a rat tail.  It was really a good laugh for me to hear the story of how Tim did this.  I would put up a pic but it would not do it justice. 
Yesterday I had no time to get to those boxes because Tim wanted me to see the house and the progress.  It is going to be big!  Tim just informed me that we will have 2 air conditioners.  Yikes, did we get in over our heads?  I thought some rooms would be bigger in my head but I am sure it will all work out fine.  The lot is huge and I can't wait for the back yard to be finished. 
After we looked at the house we went to the store to get things for the party that Tim's co-worker was having.  Tim wanted me to make something special because I guess they go all out with food at the parties they throw.  Not having my recipe holder I had to go to Pinterest.  I found a Carmel Apple Cheesecake Bar recipe.  I was really at a loss with making that because things here are limited.  I was searching for measuring cups and spoons.  Tim said I could just eye ball it.  I was like no way!  I did find the spoons and only a liquid measuring cup.  Let me tell you measuring out packed brown sugar in that is not ideal.  I then moved to the cream cheese part and needed to beat in the sugar and eggs. Not sure if the cream cheese wasn't softened enough or the mixer was just a turd but the beater broke off the beater stem.  I was like great, so I used what god gave me, my hands.  Yes I did.  I mixed the cream cheese with my hands.  It worked.  Oh how I missed my Kitchen Aide mixer.
Last night we went to this party with Tim's co-workers.  They were really friendly and everyone gets along great, something that I noticed at Tim's former job was lacking.  The house had a pool so the kids were swimming at first then the adults got in and things got crazy.  You would have thought we were at a high school party.  People we drunk and doing crazy stuff.  Crazy like jumping off the balcony into the pool!  I was seriously waiting for blood to be spilled!   It was a good time and it was really nice to meet people that Tim work with.  It seemed like most of them had moved here to work for Celgene from far away places too.  I got to drive home, lucky me.  I have decided I don't like to drive here.  The interstate is like 5 lanes wide one way and people are crazy drivers!
Today I finally got to tackle all the moving boxes.  Tim told me to slow down but I couldn't.  I haven't really done anything for 2 weeks and it felt good.  I got all the stuff put away, rearranged stuff and got Willow's room ready.  We got the TODDLER bed put together so that will be an adventure.  I rearranged the closet, sent Tim into shock and actually put things away.  Tim has this thing about doing something and not cleaning up after himself.  Something we will be working on. 
I can't wait for the new house to be done and to have my own things!  Especially my big bed and all my kitchen stuff.  I am very thankful for the temporary living arrangement but there is nothing like your own stuff.
Check out the kids mullet behind Tim.

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