Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ups and Downs

So I can say I have had a little more than a week here in my new city, and a big city it is!  I had new appointments with people, gone to new places without Tim and figured out how to get there.  Okay so I had some help from the GPS.
My first OB appointment was okay.  Don't know how I feel about the new guy who I will be getting personal with.  Right now is not the time to be shopping around and looking for a new one either.  He was friendly but I have high standards coming from my old OB.  I think I have high standards when it comes to all my doctors.  I really like them a lot and the new person will have a lot to live up to.  Is that a bad thing?  Everything is right on track with this pregnancy.  I supposedly gained only 2 pounds in a month.  I am sure it is not correct considering they are different scales.  We talked about when I would deliver which sounds like a huge possibility of Thanksgiving day.  The 3 days prior he is out for some court duty he does.  I would like to do it on one of those three days but we will see.  The move in date of the new house is going to be a factor in this too.
When we left the appointment was where it got ugly.  To get there it took me 50 minutes.  To me that is far away in case I ever have an emergency.  The doctor said there was an easier way to get there, which was to use the 51, you can get off right there close to the doctors office.  Well me, who has no clue as to where I am going, turned the wrong way and could not find the 51.  I drove around trying to find a major road that would get me back to home base.  I had Tim following me since he met me there from work. I am sure he was like where is this lady going?  It took us an hour and twenty minutes to get home.  Was not really thrilled about that one. But my husband is great and I love him dearly for going with me, despite the tour of the "bad" part of town that me and Hilda (the GPS) took him on.
When I started looking for a pediatrician I looked at location as one of my criteria.  There is no way I want to be driving far with a sick child.  Finding one close to home that has affiliation with the Children's hospital is challenging.  I want to go to Children's in case the need arises.   I have worked in to many hospitals that have a pediatric floor but really I  think the nurses and ancillary staff are at a loss when it comes to the kids needs.  Just my opinion.
I started back up with my pilates here at the Lifetime gym.  If you don't already know I am really a believer in the good that pilates has done for me.  I started it back just a couple weeks before I got pregnant.  Since then I have had minor, and I say minor, back pain and I have kept lots of weight off. I have had back pain since I was pregnant with Willow. At 20 weeks I actually was one pound under my pre pregnancy weight before I had Willow.  Now that is something to be happy about.  My instructor in Omaha, Rachel, was AWESOME.  She would tailor the class workouts for me as I got bigger.  She was just wonderful.  Another person I was scared no one could hold a candle too.  Well, I was right.  The new instructor who is the head of the pilates is soooo not for me.  I guess there are 4 pilates styles and she was nothing like Rachel.  The class was totally different and I was so lost.  I think I about teared up in class wondering what the heck I was doing there and why I was paying her extra money for this.  Needless to say that started my day off wrong.  I said I wouldn't give up and give her a chance plus the other instructor might be better.  I would be taking her classes on Friday's  Thank the Lord she was better.  She did a lot of things Rachel did and I actually was sore from the class.  I can't tell you how happy I was about that.  I wanted to praise her and give her a HUGE hug after class.  Phew, got that going for me.
Another first for me here was my hair.  I bought a groupon for a cut and color.  It was close to our house and I thought it was reasonable enough.  I am used to paying  close to nothing for a cut and color PLUS wax back home.  My really good friend has been doing my hair for over 15 years!  It's not like I do crazy things with my hair but I don't want some newbie that is going to color it and ooops sorry that is not the color I meant to give you.  Plus sitting there for over an hour talking small talk gets kind of old.  She did a great job and I would go back to her.  Not sure if I will after we get into the new house since it is not that close to there.  She really likes the bling!  I think she had glued rhinestones onto everything imaginable.  Her mirror, apron, trash can and her little supply cart.  It was over the top for me.  Oh well she did a good job though.
This weekend Tim and I went to Pasadena to the Husker game.  It is only 5 hours from here.  The game wasn't all that exciting as you fellow Huskers know.  The Bruins fans are rude and I can't believe some of the stuff they did.  One guy kept saying Sandusky was a ButtHusker.  He kept saying it over and over.  It annoyed me for many reasons.  I am sure he uses that in some way for every team they play against this season.  Then after the game some guy came up to Tim and I and said " F you Nebraska.!!!" at the top of his lungs.  That was like out of left field there.  Really?  Your team just beat us and that is what you have to say?  I should be saying that to you.  They were just dumb.  Sitting there on the bench was killing me.  There was like no room and I swear I had the smallest rear end of everyone sitting there and I am pregnant one.  There wasn't even room for my boobs.  I noticed the bench in front of us, which was all men, had plenty of room.  They were not touching each other at all. Then all of a sudden at 4th quarter someone came to their seat and sat down in that row and there was STILL room in between them.

Around the stadium is a golf course and that is where everyone parked.  It was a very large golf course and I think we were parked the farthest back.  It blew me away that we were parking on everything but the putting greens.  It didn't look like a crappy course either.  Getting out of there and to the hotel was long.  We had no clue where to go and the GPS would tell us one thing but the police directed us elsewhere.  When we did get to the hotel I was in heaven because it was a king size bed!  Oh how that little extra space makes a difference.  In Nebraska I was using 5 pillows and had the king bed to myself.  Here I have maybe 3 pillows and a Queen bed I share with Tim.  Sleeping here is not as good.  I got some good sleep for sure after the game.
According to Tim there is some funny things that I have not been sharing on my blog that he thinks need to be written down.  One story is about when we went to the work party right when I arrived here.  There was a main bathroom just right off the living room that everyone used.  When I went to use the restroom I was looking around and noticed there was no hand towels and then noticed no soap by the sink.  I was in awe.  So next to the toilet was a shower curtain and I was like I will get some soap out of there.  I was also thinking of how it was odd that there was a shower in this bath room because it was no where near a bedroom.  (Yes I think of weird things.  You will also think I am weird because I noted that the baseboards in the bathroom were very dirty.  What can I say I look at those things.) Anyways, behind the curtain was a wall!  They put up the curtain to make it look like a shower.  Shower curtain rod with curtain rings and all.  It was weird.  So I just decided to wash my hands in the kitchen.  Ahhh there was not hand soap there either!  I had to use dish soap.  I was so grossed out.  Then to find out the lady who lived there was a Respiratory Therapist really topped the cake.  She should be so used to washing her hands all day and in the habit of doing so.  I was beside myself.  I told Tim there was no soap or towels in the bathroom and he said he thought he saw a towel in there. Tim and I went in there to change after we were done swimming and I had to show him the fake shower.  I knocked on the wall with the shower curtain and asked if he noticed this.  He was in disbelief himself.   His face was something to be seen.  The whole thing was pretty funny and I still can't get over how I never saw hand soap in the house, at least the parts I went to.  Annnnnd then there were the guys jumping off the balcony into the swimming pool, really, it was straight out of a bad frat movie!
Oh to end this long blog I will leave you with some pics of Willow on her camping trip with Chris and Carol she went on this past weekend.  Tim and I were jealous we were not there.  Can't wait to see her on Friday!  I have missed her so much.
Sorry for the long entry again.  Maybe I should blog more often then each entry won't be as long.

Notice who is drinking who's drink.

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