Sunday, September 30, 2012

104 Degrees

So I really have no clever title for this post without it being a Debbie Downer.  Today was hot for what I am used to at this time of year.  I am sure all that are reading this are enjoying the nice fall football weather while I am not.  I keep hearing it will soon be over, so I am patiently waiting.

This past week was for worse than last but there were some good moments.  I think I cried daily.  I just don't have anything to really do other than being home constantly with a 2 year old.  I have tried little craft things with her but that only holds her attention for so long.  Going outside is not really something fun for Willow.  I don't know where there is a park close by.  I fell like I have raised my voice to her more than I should and my patience has been super thin.  I needed to join a MOMS group.  After some research I found one in the area that our house is being built in.  YEAH!!!

I went to an activity they were having at a park in the neighborhood our new house is at, though I was 45 minutes late.  I got lost and got a late start to begin with because Willow threw the biggest fit I have ever seen right before we left.  It continued in the car and most of the way there, we made it though.  I met 2 other moms and their kids.  It was nice to talk to someone and also talk to them about living in AZ.  I learned that now is the time to be planting a garden.  One lady that used to live a couple houses down from where our house is had a problem with scorpions.  Not to excited about that one.  All in all it was good to get out and talk to other ladies and have Willow play around with others, I think this will be really good for me.

Thursday was probably the worse day of the week.  I woke up before Willow and basked in that.  When I went to the bathroom I noticed I was bleeding.  This really started to freak me out.  I knew it couldn't be good.  It was before 8 am so I got Willow up and planned for the worse.  I tried to pack a bag for me in case I was to be admitted and a bag for Willow in case I needed to call my only friend in Phoenix to watch her.  I called Tim to let him know what was up.  I was instructed to go to the hospital to get checked out.  I stopped bleeding before I left the house.  On the way there I was going over the worse case scenarios in my mind again.  I just couldn't believe all this was happening to me at the worse time and place where I had no one for extra support nearby.  The nurse checked me out and said it had stopped bleeding but it looked like it had come from my cervix.  While she was checking me in and such she noticed on the monitor that I had a contraction, which I did not feel.  I told her of my history of low platelets with Willow and how I was put on steroids for it.  We then did some blood work to check my platelets and to see if my placenta was detaching.  After a super long wait everything was fine but my platelets were on the low side but nothing to get to excited about.  Mine were 115 and they are suppose to be 150-450.  I was sent home to be on bed rest for a couple days and no heavy lifting.  All of which seemed and was impossible with a 30 pound 2 year old.  I avoided lifting Willow but staying off my feet was not really in the cards. 

Yesterday for my birthday I didn't really do much.  We went to the house and saw the little progress that has been made.  I so want this house to be done before Thanksgiving!  In reality I don't think it will be so.  I can only hope and pray. 

I finally got Willow into her swim classes this week.  That will get us out of the house along with going to my new MOMS group activities.  Maybe I will be so busy I won't have time to think about how much I want to be back in Nebraska. 

My funny of the week is that I got a text from a number I didn't know and the lady asked me what I thought of the dress in the photo and she asked me to be honest.  I replied that I couldn't really tell from the pic and asked who she was.  She apologized and said she had the wrong person.  I then told her I could still give my opinion.  She explained the dress to me and I gave her my thoughts etc.  It was a lengthy convo.  Then she asked what I was doing for the game she didn't want to be stuck at a tailgate all night because she didn't fell that well. (the number was from Nebraska)  It was hilarious. 

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