Sunday, September 23, 2012

Home Sick

Another week down for the books.  It has been an emotional one for me to say the least.  It was a bad week to start off and then it got better for sure.
Wednesday we made a little trip to the hospital unexpectedly.  I hadn't felt the baby move like it normally does, which is like a little kick boxer trying to make it's way out.  I felt he/she roll around but not like it's normal kicks.  I called the Dr's office and they were quick to respond.  I was told to drink a big cold glass of water and lay down for an hour and count at least 6 kicks.  Well I didn't get my "quota" in.  I called Tim and told him to meet me at the hospital.  I am less then thrilled about the hospital we will be having this baby at due to the location.  It is not ideal for emergency situations for how far away it is.  I get there and notice we have to pay for parking.  I was beside myself.  Really?!
I get checked in and they hook me up to the heart monitor for the baby.  I was so relieved to hear that fast heart beat!  All the way to the hospital I was worried about what would happen if things were bad.  What would we do with Willow in case we had to have the baby now.  I know the baby is viable at this stage but I don't want to be spending my days on the I-10 back and forth to see my new little one till he/she gets home. Then what do I do with Willow when I go to the hospital for visits.  Oh my head was spinning from the what if's.  I am just thankful everything is alright.  The nurse said the baby probably moved to my backside and I wasn't feeling the kicks like I had been.
Thursday was probably the roughest day for me yet.  I felt to lost!  I didn't know what to do with myself or Willow.  I tried to go outside with her but she didn't want to be out there.  I don't blame her.  there is nothing to do in our backyard.  There is nothing but rocks!  "...Here honey, go run and jump in those rocks...."  I know of nothing to do around here let alone where things are.  I didn't even have a clue what to be making for dinners and I love to cook.  I was so down on everything!  All I wanted to do was cry and go to sleep. I miss home so much.  I miss my friends and family, my house with a grassy yard, the neighbors with kids and I even miss my job. 
Later that night we went to dinner with our new Uncle Bill and Aunt Kaye, our landlords.  They wanted to treat us to dinner.  It was really nice to have a conversation with someone and to get out.  I picked this fabulous steak house and I can't wait to go back again.  Willow behaved really well for us which is always nice.  She typically does well for us around other people.
When we got home we noticed out light out front that flashes was on.  This light is for emergencies around here.  I guess when you have something wrong and need help you turn the light on and the sheriff's posse comes to check on you.  Willow must have turned it on before we left and the Sheriff's posse was waiting for us when we got home.
Tim went to work SUPER early Friday morning (2 a.m.) to check out a process at work that they were doing to make sure it ran good.  He didn't get home until Friday evening about 8:30  I even made him tacos for dinner and he wasn't there to get them freshly made.  Now me making tacos for the taco head is a big deal.
Before Tim got home I had another little visit from the Sheriff's posse.  Willow had turned on the emergency light AGAIN.  Needless to say that switch is taped up now.  Little sneak.
Tim sent me out alone yesterday to run errands and to get a pedi yesterday which was really nice.  We ended the day watching a movie as a family, something that was new for all three of us together.  I can't believe Willow actually sat there and watched the whole movie.  She even had her own bowl of popcorn.
Today we went to check out a new church for us to attend regularly.  I guess there are 2 campuses for this church that are fairly close to each other.  We got to the one that was holding the service we wanted to attend.  When we got there we were directed to the other campus due to a water main break.  SO it was kind of chaotic.  We sent Willow to a class for her age group, which she seemed to have a good time in.  It was nice and they have all kinds of activities and functions for people throughout the week.  There is a meeting for people that are new to the area to meet other people and get to know one another.  I am sure we will be attending there again.  I need the sense of community and a resource for me when I need something. 
So here's to a good close to a bad week.  Let's see what this coming week brings me, it should be good it's my birthday this coming week.  Could it get any worse? 
Willow's birthday outfit

The new bubble machine she got for her birthday

Our fried chicken picnic we had at the park

This is how I found her this morning before I woke her up. 

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