Tuesday, August 14, 2012

T - 3 days

My world is being turned up side down right now and it is going to be a crazy ride.  Today I started packing up the stuff we don't want the movers to put in storage.  Had to think about what we will need for Willow and in case the baby is here before we are able to get into our house.  Packing my clothes was not that bad since my wardrobe is limited these days. 

I am going to miss a lot of things here that I will not have in Arizona.  Mostly my family and friends.  Some of the things here that seem like everyday stuff is going to be greatly missed.  For instance, the change of the weather.  I love fall when the leaves turn colors and the air smells so crisp.  Then spring when everything turns green and seems so new.  The green grass will be scarce in the desert.  I guess there are barely any clouds so those puffy white things in the sky are probably something little kids there have never seen, just like snow.  One huge thing is going barefoot.  Willow and I both love going outside with no shoes.  In Arizona we need to be weary of scorpions and the HOT cement.  I will not be able to let out my little dogs unsupervised in the yard, even though it is fenced in.  I guess coyotes will eat your small pets.  So that also means I will have to hear Simon at the door wanting to go out.  He will definitely be dinner for a coyote because he wanders off.

Oh so many changes and things to do.  I need to find a doctor for Willow and the new addition.  I got Willow in early to get her 2 year check up done so I am not rushed to find one when we get there.  I got to find a new vet for the dogs too.  I know I am going to be busy trying to find all these different people.  Thank goodness I will have 2 weeks before Willow gets there to get some of this done.  

Had a going away party/unBirthday party for Willow this last Sunday.  It was good to see my friends and family one last time before I leave.  Plus it also gave me a chance to give away somethings that we are not taking, liking our canned goods.  I hope to replenish my canned goods down there.  That might be awhile though, till I figure out how to grow things with the strange seasons. 

There are also so many things to look forward too with the move.  I won't have to clean the snow off my car or wait for the windows to defrost.  I will have a nice color to my skin year round, even though that could be a bad thing.  I won't have to worry to much about bugs.  I can grow a lemon tree in my backyard and make freshly squeezed lemonade!  We will be living closer to new and exciting things, like California and the Grand Canyon. 

So here's to the new chapter in my life!  I am thankful I have a great husband and daughter to experience it with.

Here is Willow with her some of her great gifts she got from everyone.  She really loves the doll stroller!!!

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