Sunday, August 5, 2012

Two More Weeks

Time is approaching for when I leave this place.  I will not head directly to Arizona when I do leave though.  I am staying with some friends for 2 weeks in Colorado.  Get some fresh mountain air in before I hit the desert.  Then when I leave I will leave Willow there for another 2 weeks and then our friends with bring her to Arizona to celebrate her 2nd birthday with us.  One of the things I said was going to be hard when we moved was we would not have anyone to help us celebrate Willow's birthday.  So Chris and Carol said they would come to Arizona then.  Yeah.

I kept telling Tim I was going to leave Willow in Colorado for awhile and he was so against it.  Then I joked about it once and he said we can talk.  I was quite shocked and knew there was something behind his change of mind.  Sure enough it was the Huskers.  They play against UCLA on the 9th and if Chris and Carol had Willow we could go to the game and not worry about someone watching her.  I guess Pasadena is only 5 hours from Phoenix. 

The garden is giving me more tomatoes then I can handle and I have been giving them away left and right.  Plus all the different pepper plants are going crazy.  I am not a green pepper fan so anyone can have free reign over those.  I did can some salsa  the other day but that really wasn't a lot.  I know when it is time to leave the jalapenos with be nice and ready to pick.  Right now they are to little to do anything with.  Tim will have a hay day with those I am sure.

Willow has been testing me a lot at the dinner table lately.  She will not eat much and she will stand up in her booster seat.  I tell her to sit and she then tells me NO right back and points her finger at me. Don't know where she gets the finger pointing thing.   I can have the same thing on my plate as hers and she insists on having what is on my plate. Oh the ever changing toddler. 

Brushing her teeth or rather her sucking on the toothbrush is a favorite thing.  She will not take the toothbrush and scrub her teeth.  If I try to do it she freaks out.  If anyone has some suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.

I think I am now officially addicted to Pinterest.  Yeah I have always found it fun to look at stuff but now I can find myself on there for an hour pinning stuff.  I have been getting a lot of ideas of how I want to decorate the new house.  I know I won't be able to afford to do it all at once but it gives me some good ideas.  I would like to use some of those wall decals in the nursery but Tim says the walls are textured and it wouldn't work.  I think it can be done, maybe I should look into it.  He could be telling me that because he doesn't want to help me put it up on the wall.

Tomorrow I am 24 weeks and I get to do my glucose tolerance test early this time.  I didn't want to do it at my 28 week appointment.  I would be in Phoenix by then and if I had to go back for the 3 hour test I would struggle to find someone to watch Willow.  Luckily the doctor said I could do it early.  I hope it is all good and I don't have to take 3 hours out of one of my days this week to do it.  It is so boring sitting there in the waiting room.

These next two weeks will be spent packing up stuff that we don't want the movers to take to storage and figuring out what we will need while living at the "active" living community.  I brought up the suitcase to put clothes in and I placed a little one in Willow's room.  I then went into my room and I see Willow coming down the hall pulling the suitcase and she had put shoes on.  She looks and me and says bye.  It was the cutest thing.

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