Thursday, July 26, 2012


So I was told by my husband that I needed to update my blog.  Nothing has really happened worth blogging about.  Maybe he just wanted to see what I was going to say about him since he came home for a quick trip last weekend.

So with that being said I was so stressed out about getting the things done around here from the inspection that I needed my husband.  Was it really affordable? No, but I needed him here.  I was so excited to have him come home to help me get some stuff done, manly stuff.  After a day of him I was ready for him to go back.  Ouchie that sounds mean.  Well it was what I was feeling.  I think he went back to his bachelor ways.  I felt like I was picking up after him all the time.  Several moments I think he forgot what it was like to have a toddler around.  He would leave tools or a ladder out and of course what did Willow want to play with, the tools. All in all I am glad he came home to help me and I hope he realizes when us girls get Phoenix he better go back into nonbachelor daddy mode. 

 We cleaned out some stuff and got things packed that the movers won't take with them.  We had a document burning party on Saturday night.  Crazy to look at old paycheck stubs and see how much I got paid at my first "real" job.  Some of the stuff Tim did was outside and I asked him if the heat was better here or in Phoenix.  He said Phoenix was better.  Hmm interesting.

We have a new nickname for the baby.  We don't know the sex of the baby so don't go thinking it is a girl, we don't know.  The name is Baby Shasta.  Here is how we came up with the name.  Tim had a dream that i had the baby and didn't tell him which hospital I was at  and I went ahead and named her Shasta.  In reality I would never name my baby that.  Tim has been doing to looking into pools for our new house.  He would like to get it done while the house is being build but there is only one company the builder works with in conjunction to the house being built and it is Shasta Pools.  So ever since Tim's dream he has heard the name Shasta come up.  He said it was a sign.

Over the weekend in Phoenix they experienced a huge dust storm.  I guess it is called a Haboob.  I seriously thought Tim made that up and was playing a joke on me.  Well he was right.  One of the few times he ever will be. 

Willow is certainly getting closer to the age of 2.  I tell her no and she tells me no right back.  Just today she had something she shouldn't, I took it away from her which brought out the horns.  She pushed me, stood there and pulled my zipper down on my shorts.  I had to laugh for a moment.
We have moved to a booster seat from the high chair.  Working out really well.  She feeds the dogs less of her food.  When she wakes up in the morning she always points to her diaper.  Maybe she is getting closer to potty training but I am not wanting to try it now.  With the moving drawing closer and the new place plus being there a short while before we move again and then introduce a new baby to the mix.  Too many things to set her back. 

Willow threw her Cheerios and look how perfectly they landed on the dogs ears. 

Willow and her Uncle Brian with Louie

Sharing a blankie with Frankie before bedtime.

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