Monday, July 2, 2012

No Carpe Diem

I so think of an article that I read awhile back and how much it rings true to me at this moment.  Here is the link so you can read it.

Yesterday was the lowest point so far of my SAHM gig.  I knew it was going to be a trying day for a week.  We had a baptism to go to.  The service was at 11:00 (the time Willow eats lunch) and a lunch gathering following at 12:30 (Willow's nap time).  Not everyday can one following a schedule and we have to bend, I get that.  The kicker was I didn't specifically said no open house this Sunday so I could come home and immediately put Willow down instead of waiting to come to my house or even forgoing the nap all together.  Well the person that looked at our house on Saturday really liked it and wanted to come back, we were in their top two choices of houses and they planned on writing an offer by the end of the weekend.  It was scheduled from 1-2.   

So we made it through the church service fine and I knew my little beast would be getting tired soon.  She didn't really eat that much but grapes and black olives.  Great meal, huh?  We leave about 2 knowing we could go back to the house.  Willow falls alseep on the way home and I pray she stays asleep while I get her out of the car seat, which she usually doesn't.  She wakes up a bit and is really sleepy as I put her in the bed.  Nope the little booger talks to herself in there for an hour and a half.  When I go to get her she shows me the poop mark on the bed and I see that her diaper is about to explode.  I get her cleaned up and strip the bed.  While I am putting the dirty sheets in the washer she decides to put her stuffed animals in there too. 

This girl was wound up and was not stopping for anything!  She was running around chasing the dogs.  Trying to ride the dogs and they are not big dogs.  Throwing all kinds of her toys for Frankie to catch.  I could not control her.  It was as if someone gave her a gallon of Mountain Dew. 

I knew I was at my wits end when I told her to shut up.  Right there I knew my last nerve was gone.  I was helpless I didn't have anyone to fall back on, like her dad.  Grandparents don't live close for me to drop off her for a moment.  I decided it was time to eat and she would be contained in the high chair for a bit while she ate.  That just made it worse.  I gave her the food and she throws it on the ground.  I couldn't even say anything.  I watch food cascade all over the kitchen on the floor, walls and dogs.  I went to my room and cried.  It was horrible!!!! 

After I tried to compose myself I went to get her out of the chair.  Thankfully the dogs cleaned the floor for me and ate the food off each other.  I just had to clean the kid and the wall.  I decided outside might be a change of scenery for her.  Before we went out she found her little bike horn, which she took with her outside.  She kept squeaking that thing and it didn't bother me except Frankie wanted it and was barking loudly at her so she would throw it for him.  Instead of taking the toy away I removed Frankie from the situation.  Oh, but Willow let him back outside, so I took the toy away.  Fine whatever, she moved on to other things.  One of the things she was doing was trying to climb all over me.  I was not in the mood and I get so tired of her and the dogs getting on my belly.

We go inside and I am just counting down the minutes until bedtime.  She is playing with her toys that I haven't got out in awhile since I put them away for getting the house cleaned for people to look at.  She was fine doing that for awhile.  We sat on the couch watching a movie which was probably not appropiate for her but it kept her calm and content.  7:30 rolled around and I put her down.  She didn't cry or really play a lot til she feel asleep.  Hmmm, wonder why? 

 At 5am she decided she wanted to test out her vocal cords or something.  For about 5 minutes she kept calling out "hey".  I don't know what that was about or even wanted to check on her.  I knew she would go back to sleep shortly.  She usually does fall back asleep on her own.  It was so loud though I don't know what got into her.  So for five minutes it was a loud "hey" in a deep voice followed by a giggle. 

So far today has been way better but man I don't know how people do it, like single parents or women who have their spouse off in the military.  I commend you all!!!! 

A positive note to yesterday is we got an offer on our house.  Yeah!  Off to more craziness I am sure. 

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