Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The 4th

We had a big week for the 4th and I thought it would be boring.  I am sad Tim was not here to celebrate with us since it is his favorite holiday.  It was really the first time Willow experienced fireworks.  Last year she was in bed and really would not have been that into them due to her age. 

The 3rd we went up the street to the neighbor's who also loves the 4th.  He works at a fireworks tent to get the goods.  He had so much stuff I felt like his garage was the actual tent.  It was nice to talk to the all the neighbors I have and going to miss now that I have gotten to know them better over the short time we have been in Gretna.  At 11:00  I had to go before all the fireworks were blown up I was tired and Willow was back home in bed.Yes I was that mom her left her child at home alone when I was a couple houses down.

The next day was spent with family.  Willow and I ate at Grandma Denise's and then went swimming with Uncle Brian.  Uncle Brian is her FAVORITE.  I don't know why really, but she really likes him.  Sometimes I think it is even more then her dad.  He got her to swim to him, which is something Tim and I have been trying to get her to do.  Then he got her to go off the board and down the slide.  I wish I had my camera because it would have been some good moments to capture.  Then it was off to my mom's house.  We ate there with my parents and my nephews.  Then the last stop was to drop off my nephews to my sister.  I was home by 9:00, I was so tired! 

 The weekend was spent at our good friends cabin on a little sand pit.  It is a nice getaway.  The day I got there I swear it was the hottest day of the week and wouldn't you know it the electricity went out.  I guess all the irrigation that was going on was sucking up the energy and caused a shortage.  I was getting late and I didn't know if I should put Willow down for fear I would have to wake her to go back to their real house in York.  I waited for awhile then decided to put her to bed on the back deck.  It was cooler outside and there was at least a breeze.  She was out in no time.  Luckily the lights came back on and all was well again.  The fireworks show on Saturday was good.  There was a special firework that was perfect for this place.  It was for the water.  It shot out in to the water and then when it hit the water it went off again.  It was pretty cool to see.  I sure you don't see that everywhere since it has to be done near water.  I kept Willow up for this and it was a struggle.  She would watch but since she was so tired she kept moving to keep herself from falling asleep.  Maybe next year it will be better for her. 

The electricity was out had to keep cool somehow.

She was so tired when we left she was out before we hit pavement.

So tomorrow is the home inspection for the new owner and it really is not a perfect time.  I was suppose to leave for Missouri to a family reunion.  Willow has the hand foot and mouth diease AGAIN so we have to be home for awhile.  She would be contagious to my cousins little kids.  I will be here when the inspector is here but I will have to leave while the new owner comes over to do the walk through.  This whole house selling business is really a pain in the rear. 

Hopefully Willow is better by Friday and I can get down to see family before I move to the desert.  I don't know when the next time will be before I see them again.  Our official move date is August 17th and we are out of here.  I will be spending a couple weeks in Colorado before I head down to AZ.  Maybe the heat will have died down by then.  I can only hope. 

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