Monday, July 16, 2012

Never Ending

I feel like I can't catch a break with anything around here.  I am feeling so overwhelmed.  With the sale of the house and all the BS that goes with it it is enough to drive me insane.  Not to mention Willow was on my last nerve today! 

We had the home inspection and ever since then it has been nothing but a headache.  I feel like the inspector was just trying to find things for us to repair.  It is funny how we don't change a thing on something since we moved in and the last inspector didn't say anything about it but this recent one dings us on it.  Like the gutter downspouts are not long enough.  WTF? 

Then ever since the inspector left I have had nothing but trouble with the air conditioner.  The day he left he left it on 82 and it was hot in here.  I turned it down and there was no relief.  Tim's brother found he left all the vents open downstairs on the furnace so it wasn't getting the cool air to the whole house.  Then last night I heard this awful noise coming from the basement and it was in the furnace room.  It stopped before I had a chance to figure out what it was coming from.  It happened again today and discovered it was the furnace.  It stopped but did it again 10 minutes later.  Then after the gym I noticed it was hot in the house.  It was set at 72 but it was 78 in here.  I looked at the air conditioner and it was froze over.  I wanted to curl up and cry.  Where is my husband when I need him? 

My friend came over today to get the green beer fridge of Tim's that he is surprisingly departing with.  While we were in the garage I noticed a dead mole in there.  I asked him to kindly to dispose of it for me.  Again I need my husband here. 

Willow was horrible today.  I took her to breakfast because we didn't have anything here, not even milk.  She would not eat what I ordered her but wanted what I had.  When I traded her she picked at it.  I ran some errands and she was really cranky.  I was in a store trying to stand up in the cart, I told her she was on my last nerve and some lady heard me say it.  She told me it doesn't get any better.  Oh Lordy. 

This afternoon she was hungry so I gave her some pretzels. She had a few and then gave them to the dog.  I told her no she can't do that.  So she goes over to Beans points her finger and starts yelling at her and then takes the food from her but then gives it right back to her.  Ahhhh.  Finally I make her dinner because she kept wanting more snacks and was throwing a fit because I wouldn't get her any more.  What does she do?  She feeds the dogs her meal. 

I want this week to be over fast!  I have a billion things to do and lots of people coming on Wednesday to do things.  I have to go fridge and freezer shopping sometime soon.  Maybe spending some time at NFM with be relaxing.  Lets just hope Willow is good. 

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  1. Oh---it will get better so just hang in there. Your air Cond. is fixed so Praise the Lord and good you noticed it going out.

    Little Willow is going through a stage and testing you. She is just in the age of discovery. She will eat when she is hungry.

    I will be there Sat. to help you out a bit and maybe you should go for a manicure or a spa time.

    Missing Tim is the hardest thing but I am sure he is having a hard time being parted from you guys, too. It won't be long and your adventure of a new house and new location and a new baby will be so very very exciting. Hang in there!