Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Weekend Getaway

Well I went to Phoenix to visit Tim for the weekend and to get the interior stuff all ironed out on the new house.  It was like a long date weekend for us since my mom was watching Willow for us.  There are a lot of things I need to learn while I am there and lots to get used to. 
The house Tim is staying in is really nice.  I am thankful that it is not forever though.  It is basically white throughout the place.  The bathrooms are carpeted, yikes.  It will be nice for a couple months but I will be ready to move into our own house with our own things.  One of the things I find strange is that there is no cold water.  The pipes are so close to the ground surface it is hard to keep water cold.  So needless to say brushing your teeth with warm water is not my cup of tea.  Tim's trash can is quite interesting and I am sure this is just in his area.  It looks like a little manhole and the lid has a handle on it.  It is just big enough for two bags of trash.  I guess it is so the coyotes don't get in the trash.  Kind of nice not having to worry about taking the can to the curb or it blowing away. 

Here is something funny that shows what a dork my husband can be.  I noticed the pillows he took with him still did not have the pillowcases on them, just the pillow covers.  I pulled the comforter back and was like Tim where are your sheets?  He said they were on there and I was like I don't think so, that is the mattress pad.  He then said oh well I thought it felt kind of weird and there was no top sheet.  So he was sleeping on the mattress pad all week.  What a dork.

We did a lot of running around checking out the place.  In Tim's area there are a lot of golf carts.  They drive on the streets, have their own parking spots and they even have seat belts.  It is hilarious.  Some of these carts are pimped out too.  When we would go to a store Tim would try and find a spot that was in the shade to park under.  He said it was like a sport there to get the best shade spot.  There are not a lot of these spaces.  The trees are not that big to create a lot of shade. 

There a ton of different places to eat. Tim found the best place for wings according to him.  It has 30 different flavors of wing sauce, from mild to extremely hot.  When we went it was making it his 3rd time in one week. He tried the hottest sauce when I was there.  I think he wanted to die!  He said he has never had anything so hot in his life and he loves hot food.  I don't know if he will try those again.
One day when we were out I saw a guy dressed up on the side of the road with a sign that read: funeral donations, anything will help.  I could not believe someone was doing that.  It was crazy. 
We visited the pool at the gym both Saturday and Sunday.  It was nice and refreshing.  I do have to toughen up my feet though, walking on the cement with no flip flops was brutal!  It was fun to people watch.  There was a mom there with her daughter and she asked her daughter if she could see the clouds.  I was kind of puzzled by this thinking uhh yeah who hasn't seen clouds, but I guess there are not a lot of clouds there and it is unusual to see them.

So I finished my trip off with picking out the stuff for the inside of the house.  It comes with basic stuff but you can upgrade things if you want.  Well some of the basic stuff was a joke and upgrading was mandatory.  The huge downside to that was the nice stuff that shouldn't be a whole heck of a lot was super expensive.  We left spending more then I wanted.  So it ended a great weekend off not so great.  Plus my flight was 2 hours delayed.  Needless to say stressed out.

I am home now and wondering if it is better here with the hot humid weather or down there with it just plain HOT! Oh lordy, what have I gotten myself into? 

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