Wednesday, June 6, 2012

First House Hunting Trip

Last Sunday and Monday Tim and I took a really quick trip to Phoenix to try and find a house.  We know it would be just to look since we have yet to sell our house.  The market down there is crazy.  Houses will sell fast and if you don't have the money you will loose out.  No one will take a contingent with your offer, they don't have to due to all the offers one house will get.  My plan was to look at some houses and maybe in a couple of days we would have an offer on our house.
We look at two houses and I was immediately disappointed.  Houses there have no basements due to the ground being hard to dig.  So there for there is not a storage room like I have currently.   Tim has so much crap we need that extra space.  Basically the only storage the houses offered was the closets in the bedrooms.  The realtor suggested we look at some homes that are being built and maybe go that route.  I was sceptical about it.  We looked at a house that was just in the framing in stage so I couldn't really see what it looked like.  One of the things that Tim really wants is a 3 car garage and a large lot.  If there is no pool with the house already he want enough land to put in a pool and still have a yard.  The new development we were looking in didn't have that huge lot.  So we went over to another area that had the model home to look at.  here the house showed us again no storage space.  Tim inquired about a bigger lot and they had one and the only house plan that could be built on that large lot was bigger.  I looked at this and it was screaming storage.  The master had two walk in closets (WIC) and the larger one was as big as one of the bedrooms.  I had to see this house done.  It also was a 4 car garage or you could make the 4 stall a bonus room.
The next day we looked at the model of this larger home and we were in love.  I could not believe all the big closets and places I could put things!  Ladies, all I have to say is I need more clothes and shoes to fill this HUGE WIC!!!  We talked about it an decided this is the route we were going to take.  After tons of details and signing we left there having a house that we both liked. 
It is going to be a long road to get to the point of actually living in that house but it will be done.  I pray that it is finished before baby #2 arrives.  If everything goes well it should be done by November 1st a couple weeks before the little one should be done cooking.  Some down sides to it is until then we have another place to live.  Tim is living in a house in Sun City, which is an active living community.  That is another way of saying retirement community.  There is a law there that you have to be 55+ to live there.  We are saying he is the landlords nephew and there is a little break in the rule that you can be younger to live there but you only 90 days.  After that I am not sure what is going to happen.  If we are able to stay there longer I am not sure what we will do with our dogs.  No pets are allowed.  So as you can see we have some hurdle to overcome until we can be settled into our new home.
When I figure out how to get a photo up I will post the floor plan.

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