Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Beginning

So my new job started officially last Saturday as a 24/7 stay at home mom.  I haven't been to impressed with it thus far.  The main reason being Willow has been off a schedule and getting her back on it is trying to say the least.  There is so much stuff going on that messes it up.  The time change from Seattle was not a huge help at all being 2 hours behind Nebraska time.  You would think that she would sleep in later but no, she is awake at 6A.M. That doesn't mean I get her out of bed though.  I let her lay there hoping she might get a few more winks in before I decide it is time to get up.  Good mom, huh?  Going to bed is not what it used to be either she will either lay in bed talking to herself or scream.  Maybe I need to make her bedtime later to get her somewhat acclimated to Phoenix time. 

Her liking of foods is changing as well.  It is hard to get her to eat things that she used to devour.  Her love of fruit has not diminished at all.  Thus the lovely the diaper presents she makes me. She can go to my mom's house and will eat anything for her no problem.  Why do kids do that?  Maybe this food aversion will slow her down in the weight area.  We bought her a new sweatshirt in Seattle in a size 3T, remember she is not even 2 yet.  I went to put it on her and it would not even go over her HEAD.  I had to return it.  I know her head won't shrink but jeez does she have to have such a big melon?

I have not had to put her in time out yet.  Thank you Jesus.  That can be tiring to me.  She will repeatedly get up from the naughty spot and I am repeatedly putting her back there until her time is up.  I learned that from the Supper Nanny. 

I would like to transition her to a toddler bed but I am weighing the pros and cons of this one.  Pro is that when I go to change her at night before I head to bed my growing belly will not get in the way of leaning into the crib.  (Side note here:  I have to change her because she wets her diaper so bad it won't last the whole night.  I change her while still in bed so she won't really wake up and not go back to sleep.) Another good thing is when we do get into our house and the new baby is here she will be ready for a big person bed.  The baby will be getting this crib.  Bad thing and this is big, is that she will probably be getting up from bed when I put her down for bedtime or nap because she is not ready to go down.  Plus her getting up at 6 AM means that it will be my new time to get up even if I am not ready.  Oh the problems I face at my new full time job.  Could be worse I guess.  

I figured out how to add pictures.  These are from our trip to Seattle a week ago.  What do you think of my new nerdy glasses?  Eat your heart out Buddy Holly.

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