Wednesday, July 31, 2013

40 Years

Man, I am getting old, my husband too.  I can remember when my dad turned 40 and that seems like yesterday.  I can't believe Tim turned 40 this year.  I know he can't believe it either, when I mentioned it awhile back he didn't think this was the year.  Why is it that like once we hit 30 we kind of forget the exact age we are and we have to think about it?
For Tim's birthday I flew his best friend in.  They went to the Diamond Backs and Cubs game with Willow that night.  Tim had taken Willow to the little kids play area and I guess she peed on the guy manning the area.  Tim said the guy totally freaked out!!!  Kind of makes me giggle.  When Tim got home he found a surprise in the pool.  It was his surrogate parents and our old neighbors from Gretna.  They came in to help celebrate this monumental birthday.  So basically this weekend was filled with lots of drinking and cuss words.  I think we were all exhausted on Sunday.  Too much sun and too little sleep.  I loved how no one listened to me about wearing sunscreen.  Some people went home a little crispy.
We tried the jalapeno pickled eggs that I made up a couple weeks ago.  I personally did not like them but everyone else did.  I thought they were a little tough or chewy.  I am sure they gave some people some real good gas for the plane ride home. 
Willow has been really good about going potty and even pooping in the toilet except these last few days.  She has earned stickers and all she needs is just one more and she gets a poopy present.  So of course the day she would be getting a present she poops her pants.  Then last night she poops in her swim suit just outside of the pool.  Gaaah!
This is my last week of my babysitting gig.  Praise the Lord.  School starts next week here.  I learned they start early because they have long breaks.  They get 2 weeks off in October and 2 weeks for Christmas and spring break.  Then all schools here go all days except for Wednesdays it is a half of day.  Kind of strange to me.
I am going to look into enrolling the girls in a special swimming program.  it is called Infant Swimming Rescue.  It teach kids from 6 moths to 5 years.  It teaches little ones to learn to float on their backs until help arrives or they can float to rest then turn around to swim to the edge of the pool.  It looks really good and I have heard good things about it.  I just need to get someone to call me back about my inquiry.  Once again the customer service around here is lacking.

The whole gang with our party hats on for the special day. 

Charlee loves to play in the toy room with all the toys.  She will spend a great amount of time in there.  I wish I could block it off to really keep her in there.

Willow helping daddy wash his truck.

Chad in his outfit he wore to the game.  Tim told him he didn't need to wear his jammies to the game.

We left these two with Willow while we went to the store real quick.  She made them some lunch.

At the restaurant the night before Tim's b-day.  We were minus the little ones.

The HUGE amount of cotton candy we got at the end of our meal.  This is something they give to every table for free.

Charlee relaxing in the pool having a good time.

Tim's girls.

Miss Big Blue Eyes

Birthday boy

Bummed this one is blurry!

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