Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tardy Tuesday

June was a crazy busy month for us here at the Polson household, and July is shaping up to be similar.  No new recipes to report because I haven't really been home and it is too hot to really eat anything. We are mostly eating salads since Tim has this affliction with lettuce. 
We, yes, all 4 Polson's, went back to Nebraska for a wedding for our good friends the Hoffman's daughter Paige's wedding, Willow was the flower girl.  I stayed longer then Tim since I didn't have anything I needed to rush home to.  We had so much packed into the short time that Tim was there (Thursday - Tuesday) it was exhausting.  Going here and there seeing family and friends made me want to have a vacation from my vacation.  After Tim left Nebraska I took it a little easy and just loafed around.  I did take a trip to Missouri to see family there, on our road trip there about an hour in, Willow got car sick.  I had even given her some Dramamine, it was awful.  My dad had given Willow some milk before we left so it was all curdled and nasty smelling.  Willow had also gotten car sick on our way to the airport in Phoenix. I think I am fully stocked up on Dramamine now.
My mom came back home to Phoenix with me to help with the girls on the plane and to hang out in the desert for a week.  They were both pretty good, the flight to NE was better though, they both slept.  We didn't do much when my mom was here, I had something going on everyday it seemed that didn't allow for us to go out and do something fun.  My mom just enjoyed her stay spending time with the girls.  She sewed some really cute dresses for them while she was here.  I had suggested and coaxed her into a tablet so she could skype with us more.  I had to give her mini lessons on how to use the thing.  I hope she gets better with it and realize it is not really that hard of a concept.
When we were home Tim's sister took some really good pictures for Charlee's 6 month.  It really turned out to be her 7 month pictures. She did a really nice job that I didn't think they needed much touching up.  Really impressed with her talent!

When I got home to Arizona I was disappointed that our pool was not finished.  It had been over 2 months when we were told that it would be 4-5 weeks, SO frustrating! I know Tim was frustrated too and I let them know how I felt about their job on getting things done.  The pool has water in it now but there are some loose ends that need to be done and we are waiting on that as of now.  I just want them out of my hair.  Needless to say I will not be recommending them to anyone.

We are trying again with Willow to use the potty.  She has been better about it though this time around.  I think the pool helps because we won't go swimming until she uses the toilet.  After she swims though is when it all break loose.  That girl does not close her mouth when she goes under water and swallows about 1/4 of the pool water.  Then later on she pees like no other.  All in all it is better and she is not fighting us when we tell her to go.  I just am waiting for the day when SHE will tell us she has to go and when she will poop in the toilet and not her pants.

Yesterday we went to the Circus.  Tim called it the real circus too, not sure why though.  I am assuming because it was not the Shriner circus that always came to Lincoln.  It was the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus.  It was a good show but the sound system was horrible!  Don't think they were so concerned about that aspect of it considering their target audience was little kids.  They had some neat things to watch which were probably the boring parts for the little ones.  It was over 2 hours long.  Willow hung in there and so did Charlee.  She took a little snoozer.  When Charlee did cry I wasn't to worried about it because it was so loud no one could really hear her and be annoyed by it.

I made a dentist appointment for Willow next week.  It will be her first time going.  I told her that she was going to see the dentist and what he will be doing and want her to do for him.  That got her all excited and she keeps telling everyone that she is going to the dentist.  She would like to go right now is possible.  I hope she still feels that way when we leave!

We have another visitor visiting us this week for the 4th.  Uncle Brian has decided to make a trip out to see us again and check out our pool.  We just found out last night that he bought some tickets.  I love how he waits to the last minute to come and tell us.  (insert sarcasm)  He is going to learn real quick that when there are kids involved you can't just up and go do things.  I think he is going to be surprised by a lot of things when the little one arrives.  Lets see if I can get him to change a diaper for the first time while he is here.  Got to get him ready.

Until next time and until I try a new recipe.  Happy 4th and stay cool cuz I know we will try in our luke warm pool. 

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