Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Okay so I have been slacking on the new recipe thing.  I just haven't really been into trying out new recipes let alone cooking.  It is to hot out to eat and my jaw hurts so much chewing food is painful.  I had some hot hot roasted chilies in the freezer that I bought awhile back for Tim.  When his brother was here I decided to do something with them, since they both love hot stuff.  I just put some in a crock pot with pork roast and onions, voila.  They loved it and said it was really tasty, but I will never know.  It was too hot for my liking.  I had some left over chilies to use, so I tried it again yesterday with a beef roast.  Again, I didn't try it, but Tim said it was good; Gringo Carne Asada, but it was "Bomb" (according to Tim).

I do have something in the works or rather marinating so I don't know if it is good or not.  Not sure if I will know personally since it is something HOT.  It is jalapeno pickled eggs.  It did not smell good when I was boiling the juice for it, that is all I can tell you now.  It will be ready just in time for Tim's 40th birthday.  He has a friend coming to town to help him celebrate this momentous occasion.  He too likes HOT stuff so I had to give this a try.

We have been using the pool as much as we can.  It kind of depends on if Willow has pooped yet for the day or not.  She has already pooped in there once and got out to poop in her swim suit just outside the pool.  I think we are getting close though to being fully potty trained though.  Last Saturday so told me she had to potty so we came in to go and she actually went poop in the toilet.  I say by the end of this month she should be good, lets keep our fingers crossed though. 

Not sure how much I am going to use the pool with this rash on my hands.  I went to the doctor and he told me it was a form of eczema, which is caused by stress and swimming in pools can aggravate it.  I have always had it but I just thought it was from washing my hand so much at work and using hand sanitizer.  This past week it has been horrible to the point of being painful at times.  The steroid cream he gave me is not working the greatest either. Getting old you gotta love it. 

My little dirt eater, Charlee.

My oldest when she first ate dirt, Willow. 
Everyone in the pool but mom.

Had to post this video because it gave me a good laugh it brought tears to my eyes.  I need to look at funny videos like this more when I am having a bad day.  Why are farts so funny?

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