Sunday, February 17, 2013

Squeaky, My Snuggle Bug

This post is about my little snuggle bug.  Tim calls her squeaky because of all the little squeaks she makes.  I think they are more like grunts.  She is a really good baby.  I was worried since I thought Willow was so good I was in for it with this child.  She sleeps through the night and has been since she was 2 months.  I was greatly surprised since we had to work Willow into that habit and she was just over three months.  Charlee took the lead and did it all on her own too.  The worst part of the day with her is about 5:00 p.m..  She cries a lot and want to EAT.  Many times we sit through dinner with her screaming.  the best part of the day is morning when I go in to get her up.  She is awake just laying there giggling and smiling. 
She is nothing like her sister though.  Charlee has blue eyes for now, whereas Willow had gray that turned brown.  Charlee has really pale skin.  Willow is naturally tan and tans really easy in the summer.  I am afraid for Charlee and sunburns, especially in the desert.  Her skin is super dry and sensitive.  I had to get special soap and lotion for her.  The doctor prescribed hydrocortisone for the dry skin, she had spot on her legs that were eczema. 
I took pics to show you details of her and basically how she looks right now.
 This is her little fuzzy hairs on top.  She doesn't have much hair lately.  She has some longer brown strands in back but it is slowly falling out.

 She has a blocked tear duct that is oozing yellow goo.  It gets worse when she crys.  It has always been yellow but we just got some eye drops in case it is a little infected.  It should go away with a some massaging in the corner of her eye.  If it does not get better then we will have to see an eye doctor to have it cleared out.

 This is her only birth mark.

 Her cute little kissing lips.

 She developed a herniated umbilicus.  This too shall go away on it's on but if not years on down the road it will have to be taken care of. 

 She has the normal cradle cap that babies get.  This is by far worse then what Willow had. 

 This is her stork bite she had a birth.  She has one on her forehead which is not as noticeable.  You can see her brown hair in this pic too.  Her ears stick out some.  I know she gets this from my side of the family.  My dad and great grandpa had big ears. 
Great grandpa

My dad

 Just chillin.
Taking in the day.

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