Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Still Here

It has been awhile since I made an entry.  I think I have a lot of time on my hands but then I really don't.  Maybe it is just I don't have a lot of time that i can sit down and not be interrupted to make an entry.  Being a stay at home mom is more than meets the eye.  It is tiring, stressful, rewarding and also lonely. 
I enjoy being with my girls and seeing them grow and get bigger.  One of my favorite parts is watching what Willow does when she thinks she is alone.  She loves to sing, and her interactions with the dogs are great.   I never miss out on something new that they do and I am always getting hugs and snuggle time.  I am sure Willow gets tired of me, as I do her some days. 
I try to use nap time as time for myself like cleaning up the house.  Doing the one thing I don't want to get interrupted doing.  All I have during the day everyday is these little girls who's vocabularies are limited.  Tim has been working a lot and coming home at random times.  I long for adult convo and just time to myself.  I miss work and seeing all my work friends.  Just something outside of this house. 
I have applied to a couple places and the one interview I did get I wasn't really keen on it in the long run.  I obviously didn't get the second interview which is okay with me.  If I was offered it I don't think I could work due to my job at home.  With Tim's schedule being so random and not coming home at a set time I don't know if a job is possible for me. 
We had some visitors a couple weeks ago.  Tim's good friend drove all the way here to surprise him.  It was nice to have some adults around to hang out with for a week.  Tim's mom came also later in the week so it was kind of crazy around here with sleeping arrangements, activities, etc. for a bit, but it was a lot of fun and we got some date nights in and time to do stuff with somebody to watch the girls. 
Denise and I went to get Willow's haircut for the first time.  I had been wanting to do it but scared how she would be in the chair.  She hates getting her hair brushed.  I wanted to go to a place that was just for kids so maybe there was kid stuff to distract her  and the girl would be used to a screaming writhing kid.  There is nothing really close to us here so I drove up north to a kids place and wish I hadn't.  It was kind of dirty and it reminded me of an Asian nail salon.  They had TV's for each chair to distract Willow which I think was the key.  The lady kept referring to Willow as a baby and if you will imagine her saying this in a strong Asian accent.  It was kind of annoying.  So all she did was cut her hair straight across and gave her a bob.  Man I could have done that.  I didn't like it at first but it is growing on me. 
So my husband thought I needed to really make it official and get us a mini van.  Yes I drive one of those now.  I feel like a dork driving it but it is really nice to get the girls in and out.  It will be nice when we have company and we can all fit in one car. 
We have our garden going and I hope it does well.  It is a trial and error for us being rookies here in the desert.  We didn't go crazy or rather I didn't go crazy.  I gave Tim an inch and he went crazy with onions.  I want room around my tomato plants to be able to pick but he thinks every little square inch of dirt should have an onion.  Drives me NUTS.  He said he would harvest the tomatoes when needed.  I am not holding my breath on that one.  I have had a garden with him before and I see how he works.  Next year I hope to have all our beds up and good to go so we can get serious about planting a lot.  I think I should give him a couple of beds that he can do what ever with and then I get my own where they are solely mine to take care of.  Heck I am the VP of the Polson Household I think that sounds right. 
It is getting warmer outside and I wish our yard was done and not just dirt.  I think some grass would make me feel a little better too.  If only I won the lottery and could start on it next week and have it done by June when it will be really hot.  A pool would be so refreshing then too. 
I will enclose some pics of Willow and her new cut.  I will try and take some pics of the garden and get those up before everything goes crazy in the cramped raised beds. 

Willow and Beans.  She always has to cover up the dogs.


The car she got to sit in for her cut.

This first cut.

She looks so thrilled.

Add caption

This finished product.

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