Tuesday, August 27, 2013

On a Lighter Note

Okay so yesterday's post was not all happy thoughts and such, so today I will post about my lovely family.  Sometimes I just look at my gorgeous baby girls and think how stinkin lucky I am and how much I love them.  BOOM, then Willow does something naughty and it makes all those unicorns and rainbows disappear.  I do love them immensely though. 

Charlee was 9 months last Tuesday.  She weighed in at a whopping 18lbs and 12 ozs.  She was 50% on weight and 90% on head and height. Guess who she gets that from?  Both her and Willow are like their dad.  He has this ginormous head. I can't find him one of those cool looking fedora hats to wear. 

Charlee is moving around all the time and has the walking thing down in her walker.  She will chase you around in it and run into your ankles if you are just standing there.  I feel like need to wear boots so it doesn't hurt.  She is babbling a lot now.  Her first word was mama, then ba ba and then she finally said dada.  Willow heard her say mama and would tell me every time.  She was even telling Charlee, "say Willow".  It was cute.  She is a little porker with food.  She will eat mostly everything I put in front of her.  I gave her a hard boiled egg a couple weeks and ago and she ate it while making a mess.  Then this last Sunday I gave her a fried egg, yolk not runny and she broke out in hives.  Poor thing, it was all over her body.  Then to top it off the day before she started having diarrhea and developed a major diaper rash.  The diaper rash could not get better with the diarrhea.  Thankfully it has cleared up and the rash is getting better.  She has such sensitive skin.

Just when I think Willow has the potty training thing down she gets these setbacks.  She will go a little in her pants and then decide she needs to go to the bathroom.  She is constantly changing her undies.  I am not sure if she is getting them a little wet on purpose so she can go change into a new pair because we bought her new undies or not.  Has not had a pooping incident for a LONG time.  She always tells us she has to go like she is asking for permission to go to the bathroom.  She will stay dry all night but once in awhile we get a wet bed but for the most part she has done really well with nighttime.  

We have been doing more things with the MOMS club now since I am not babysitting anymore.  It has been nice to get out and have Willow playing with others and doing a fun activity.  it also gives me some adult talk while the kids play.  All the ladies are really nice and helpful.  I guess every month they have a DADS night out and Tim is looking forward to that so he can get to know some people outside of work.  If he could find a brewing buddy I am sure he will be in heaven.  Maybe he can get some started in the brewing thing. 

We made the final decision to rehome Frankie.  We had tried and paid for a dog behaviorist to make it work but it just wasn't.  I can't say I totally gave up on him.  I think about him all the time and I hope the new family is enjoying him.  He is a good dog when it doesn't come to the ball obsession and his new obsession of food.    I was wondering what Willow would say when she came home and didn't see him.  She never said a word to me, but that night out of the blue she told Tim Frankie had to go bye bye because he was naughty.  Not sure if she heard us talking about it before hand or not.  Then last night she said she wanted to sleep with Frankie and I told her she couldn't because he had a new home.  She didn't understand. 

So all in all we are doing pretty good here in the desert.  Looking forward to the cooler temps so we can be outside without melting like a popsicle.  It just feels weird to me knowing the Huskers play this Saturday and it is HOT out.  I am used to it being cool for football season.  Don't know if I will ever get used to that. 
Today at the splash pad.  It was hot, look at her red cheeks.

Big blue eyes

Cute little nose and long eyelashes.

Feeding the cows at with Josh and getting to pet them.

Baby ducks at Uncle John's.  Always an adventure there. 

Trying to get the cows to come over to fence.  With 92 yr old great grandpa.  I love this pic.  Also like seeing all the green trees in the background.  I sure do miss that.  GREEN!

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