Monday, October 15, 2012

Not Much to Say

We had a busy weekend, which means virtually no nap for Willow or Mommy.  We went to a free even at a Railway Railfair on Saturday and then Oktoberfest for Daddy on Sunday.  Things have been better for me around here.  The neighbors/snowbirds are coming around and my doorbell seems to be ringing more.  I have been going to the MOMS club events as much as I can.  I have yet to still meet all of them but the ones that I have met are really nice and so helpful with just getting to know things around here. 
Willow had her second week of swimming class.  It didn't go as well as I wanted.  I couldn't get her to do the things she was suppose to be doing.  She just cried.  The instructor took her from me and she was doing everything for her.  Frustrating how kids will do so well for others but not for their parents. 
The house is moving a long well.  We are right on track for our closing date of December 6th.  I am also on track for delivering on November 19th.  So much happening so close together and it is not just little things either. 

I will leave you with pics from this weekend.

You would have thought it was going fast with the way Willow's hair is blowing back.

Did NOT like the bounce house this time and it had nothing to do with the little guy behind her.

Mommy and Willow on the train.

Oktoberfest with the Popp's. 

Willow and Addie putting the "apples" on the trees.

She always puts the sunglasses on upside down.  At least she wears them though.

Another day of riding a merry go round. 


Free activity of painting the maze.

Willow getting in her art skills with Whitney.

The girls and their master pieces. 

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